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Safe Hire Procedure

We want MyKitPlace to be a safe and trusted environment for sharing camera kit with like minded professionals. We’ve spent years working in kit rental, and so calling on all our experience, both good and bad, here’s what we believe makes for best practice safe hiring procedure on MyKitPlace.

You need insurance


Take out insurance. Make sure it is the right type of insurance and covers the full replacement value for all the kit you are hiring. This gives both the owner and the hiring party peace of mind should anything happen. It’s worth it. Do it. You may not be able to hire without it. For more details on insurance and where to get it please read our support pages.

Meet in a public place

Meeting Up

When arranging to meet for kit pick-up or drop-off we recommend you choose a public place. Tube or rail stations, local cafes and office lobbies are good place to meet.

Don't use your home address

Kit Location

For kit listing purposes we recommend you do not give out your actual home address. When it comes top set the Location for your listing, set it as your office or a local meeting place you are likely to use, like a café or station.

Keep in touch

Keep in Touch

Keep in contact, let the other party know if you are running late. You don't want to be reviewed as a no-show and miss out on the kit because you missed the train or got stuck in traffic.

Always check I.D.

Show I.D.

Ask to see their photo ID. Don't be shy to ask and don't be shy to show it. This applies to both renters and owners, be prepared to prove who you are, especially it's your first meeting.

Check the kit

Check the Kit

Go through the kit together. Check it's all there and check it all works. Ask questions.

Get a photo

Say Cheese!

Remember to get a 'Happy Hirer' photo! (i.e. a photo of the renting party holding the kit). Not only is this a great way to show off your kit being hired, but it also acts as proof of what kit was taken and who collected it.

We hope that covers most of the bases for you. If you want more information on insurance for your gear and how that works, or what MyKitPlace does to vet members please visit our Support and FAQ pages. Feel free to contact us on if you have any further questions.