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It's easy to join and become part of this exciting new online marketplace for professional filmmakers. Just like any online service, we know trust is vital.

All new members to are vetted before being approved to hire equipment. They must be resident in the UK, over 18, provide photo ID and proof of address as well as references.

Being a verified member shows others can trust you’re filmmaker just like them.

We do our best to ensure that every member is who they say they are. The process is just like you'd have to go through with any camera rental house or if you hired a car.

We also ask for links to social media accounts, websites, showreels etc. to build up a dynamic overall picture of our members.

Above and beyond this, all members have a personal profile which you can check, and we encourage members to review and rate their experiences. If you're not 100% sure about renting your camera to or from another member – you don't have to.

Verified account. non-verified account.
Verified status on website check / tick cross mark
List items without approval check / tick cross mark
Trusted member check / tick cross mark
Priority booking from kit owners check / tick cross mark

It’s easy to get your account verified so you can start listing and hiring with confidence.

You will need:

  • A scanned image of your passport
  • A scanned proof of address - bank statement
  • A scanned proof of address - utility bill
  • Please provide 2 industry references who can vouch for you. Name, email, telephone number and website

That’s it! Just like any other rental facility – except this time you’re in charge!