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Camera Hire in North East England

Arranging camera hire in North East England might seem a challenge at first. There are no major players based in the region, local and filmmakers have traditionally needed to trek out of town, courier kit in or find smaller operators. But all that could change by empowering local filmmakers to make their own kit available to hire on an easy to use platform.

Dramatic coastlines and remote beauty

The North East of England offers filmmakers a huge array of unspoilt natural beauty. The region is comprised of Northumberland, County Durham and Tyne and Wier. It’s a hilly, sparsely populated area with rugged coastlines, national parks a lot of history. This is where the Vikings landed, where the Roman Empire ended at Hadrian’s wall, there are rural landscapes, monasteries and castles to boot. There’s also historic Durham with it’s own castle and cathedral. Contrasting the countryside are the grim remains of an industrial and coal mining past. Shipyards and steelworks are welded to the urban landscape of the area's’ major cities; Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Gateshead, and Middlesbrough to name a few.

Without a major production company in the North East, reports of a slow down in the filmmaking economy where very real a few years ago, a lack of development funding saw major filming go elsewhere. However, the area is rich in talent and the striking locations have seen a number of TV and film projects return to the North East. Film organisations like Northern Media and canny location companies have revitalised what’s on offer and helped to improve access to people and services.

Ken Loach and Stephen Spielberg

Just two of the most recent directors to use the North East as key element of their films. Other cinematic legends that are proudly associated with the North East are Roman Polanski, Alan Clarke and Michael Caine. Polanski shot his 'MacBeth' in Northumberland, Clarke was born on the Wirral and much of his TV and film work was influenced by the area. There’s been a steady trickle of major TV works that have used the North East as a backdrop including recent shows like; 'Vera', 'George Gently', and others dating back to 'Byker Grove' and the 'Likely Lads'. The North East features in more films then you might think, from the brutal industrial wastelands in Michael Caine’s 'Get Carter', to Ken Loach’s gritty modern classic 'I, Daniel Blake'. But it’s not all stark drama, 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves', 'Alien 3', 'Elizabeth', all filmed in the region and Spielberg used Bamburgh Beach in 'The BFG'.

Why use MyKitPlace for camera hire in Newcastle and the North East?

The North East has great history of filmmakers and a passionate community of creative freelancers. MyKitPlace offers a platform to visualise what equipment and services are available in the area, and will help to build a productive local network of North East filmmakers. So if you’ve got kit to list, sign-up and get it on the site, help promote more filming in your region.

Take a look at the camera equipment that's available to hire - what can you add? List your kit to help grow the network and build a vital resource for filmmakers in your region.

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Michael Walsh [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons