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Camera Hire in Manchester, Liverpool and the North West

Easily find local camera hire in Manchester, Liverpool and the North West. The region is second only to London and the South East for amount of production and investment. The North West boasts diverse and interesting locations and has a well-established network of talent.

The most diverse region of the country

The North West covers a huge area and includes many famous places. Areas like Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Merseyside, as well as Cheshire and Lancashire. It’s possibly the most diverse area of the country; culturally, economically and politically. It offers unique city settings such as the glossy CDB of Manchester and the regenerated docks of Liverpool. There are also downbeat areas of urban life including housing estates and industrial buildings. Out in the countryside, you'll find picturesque cobbled street villages and stunning areas of natural beauty like the Peak District. The North West really has it all - Liverpool even doubles as London and New York!

A region on the up

The North West, home to Granada studios for more than 50 years, has always been a key area for British film and TV production. The BBC's relocation to Salford has helped to further reinforce the North West's credentials. Production of BBC shows in the north of the country rose from just 5% in 2010 to 30.6% in 2014. The region is on the up and set to become the country’s second-biggest producer outside of London. Manchester city council have announced a £15.5 million investment plan to convert old factories and industrial space into fit-for-purpose studios and sound stages.

In addition to the BBC at Manchester, £5 million is being invested in new studios down the road at Liverpool. That's no surprise with the host of top TV drama coming out of the region. Critically acclaimed programmes like 'Peaky Blinders' and popular TV dramas like 'Cradle to Grave' are made here. As well as that Hollywood films like 'Captain America' and 'Harry Potter' already come to the North West for the region’s landscape and talent.

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