Camera hire london

Camera Hire in London

Finding camera hire in London should be easy. There are more facilities and services available here than anywhere else in the country. London is Britain’s filmmaking powerhouse, it’s big, it’s competitive, and it's where most things happen. The Greater London region has the highest density of filmmakers in the country and offers everything they need from camera hire to studio space.

Everything in one place

London is one of the world's most famous cities. It’s iconic landmarks and architecture have been popping up in cinemas and on TV ever since the camera was invented. The sheer size of the capital means it offers incredibly diverse locations. You'll find everything from palaces and parks to skyscrapers and edgy urban decay. London has it all and that includes most of the filmmaking talent.

London is uniquely set up to deal with the huge amount of film activity that goes on - from feature films to wedding videos. It can also be a little daunting!  Help is at hand however and FILM London provide a lot of the information you will need. They break down everything you need to know from finding locations to explaining tax relief for investors.

A new way to do business

We'd normally put a few lines here about what's been made in the region recently. But for London? That's almost impossible to quantify!

If you’re a filmmaker or freelancer currently living and working London, you may already know where to get your kit, where to find a studio and a few good people to work with. However, MyKitPlace offers you a new approach to business. You can easily build and maintain an extra income stream by hiring out camera kit you’ve invested in. You can easily find additional equipment and services for your next project. Then arrange to get it locally at a time that suits you - no more trekking out to Wembley before 5pm. What's more, you can do it all from one account with just a few clicks, taps and swipes of your device.

So if you need camera hire in London or any film equipment rental, check our listings and find what you need locally. Connect with filmmakers and freelancers near you, build new networks and discover a new faster way to find the kit you need.