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MyKitPlace offers filmmakers a new way to interact and collaborate. It opens up new opportunities for filmmakers. We recognised a change in the way we needed to hire kit for our own projects and the service we needed from hire companies themselves. We could never rely on just one rental house to have all the gear we needed all available at the same time. We’d have to go round the (rental) houses to find everything, then wait for quotes and confirm I.D. each time, only to find we were cross-hiring from ourselves anyway.

The constant challenge for hire companies is the meet these increasingly diverse demands for stock, availability, location and delivery. So we thought - is there a better way?

MyKitPlace doesn’t want to compete with traditional rental companies, they still have a lot to offer, but they can’t cover all the bases all of the time - MyKitPlace can. In a demanding industry that often requires a rapid response MyKitPlace is a truly viable alternative for filmmakers, freelancers and producers to source the equipment they need. It delivers local solutions, endless variety, online convenience and a truly personalised service.

MyKitPlace is driven by it’s membership. It can become whatever you need it be. So join up, get listing, get verified and make it your marketplace.

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The Gear Factory - industry partners

The Gear Factory is an established London rental facility that has been trading for 10 years. We started out as with some of the first RED cameras in the UK and have been championing digital cinema equipment ever since.

We have long-standing connections with industry peers and organisations. Understanding the rental market as we do, we immediately saw the huge potential of MyKitPlace. With a decade of knowledge and experience, we’re on hand to support and advise the site's kit owners. By working together with MyKitPlace, we can help ensure the best and safest practices for all the site's members. We have already implemented our industry recognised I.D. checks for all those wishing to hire your kit.

James M-S - founder

I’ve been working in the Film, TV and Media industry for over 30 years. It’s not so much a career as a way of life. In that time I’ve seen a lot of changes both in terms of the technology, but also in terms of how the industry operates.

That’s why we decided to build MyKitPlace.com - we saw how the rental market, in particular, was changing and how our clients needed different solutions to fit new working practices and client expectations.

Through MyKitPlace we’ve built a platform that works for the freelancers and filmmakers that we know, and they love the idea. It allows individuals and smaller outfits to maximise the investment they have made in their own equipment. MyKitPlace gives them an efficient, easy to use platform to run their own rental desk. Providing access to a market, exposure to new clients, administrative support, and guaranteed payment - all without the overheads, lead time and day to day hassle of setting up a rental facility of their own.

Matt S - community developer

I jumped at the chance to get involved with MyKitPlace, I can really see the benefit and application for a site like this. As a filmmaker and actor myself, I work on a lot small, low-budget projects, when getting hold of kit easily and locally can be a real challenge. MyKitPlace offers a viable alternative to sourcing equipment for all kinds of productions.

I have a clear vision of how I’d like the site and our community of users to grow. I think MyKitPlace can offer filmmakers a platform to create new proactive networks and connections in their local area. MyKitPlace will create groups who regularly share kit and collaborate on projects, using the platform as the first place you look for equipment. By creating your own personal marketplace, you can save a list of your favourite items from your favourite local contacts, then easily request a booking within moments of logging in.

Build a marketplace that works for you - create a community of members in your area.

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